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DB Studios, the audio production side of DB Studios and Productions is a premiere professional productions company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Daniel received top-of-the-line digital production training at American Broadcasting School. The types of audio productions available from DB Studios is limitless. Most work to date has been created for use on the radio. However, some projects have been used privately. No matter the scale, Daniel is fully prepared to take on the task.

Because quality and customer satisfaction is the number one priority, DB Studios and Productions uses the most advanced audio editing programs in the music business. Daniel received extensive training on these programs in broadcasting school. He has taken the knowledge gained there and built onto it. His knowledge of digital production is extremely advanced. Creativity and style are his strong points, which is evident in his work. What sets his work apart from others is the ability to create a desire for whatever it is he is working on. Whether it is a commercial or a fund raiser piece, DBSP creates the desire to spend.

A large portion of 2003 was devoted to creating inspirational montage's for the Children's Miracle Network radiothons that benefitted the Children's Hospital of Iowa at the University of Iowa Health Care Center. A total of fifteen full length montage's were created for CMN and were used on four radio stations in Iowa. These montage's are available to you in the Downloads section of this website and the list of radio stations can be found in the Links section.

Again, DBSP's audio productions are mainly aimed towards radio. If you are interested in more information regarding the audio productions, please browse the Services section. For specific questions and immediate answers, please feel free to contact Daniel via e-mail at [email protected].

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