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Audio Production of DB Studios & Productions

DB Studios and Productions also specializes in high-quality, digital audio productions. Most productions created by DBSP are used on the radio, however some have been used privately. DBSP's audio productions provides a broad range of creations. Examples include commercials for the radio, audio tape editing, digital mixing, importation of taped material into a digital format on the computer, in-house advertising, etc. There is no limit to what DB Studios and Productions can do. Every situation is unique and requires a different set of skills. Daniel graduated from American Broadcasting School in 2003. He received extensive training in copy writing and digital production.

Developing commercial(s) can be as simple or as in depth as you need. All you need is a reason to advertise, DB Studios and Productions will do the rest. DBSP can develop and deploy a full radio advertising plan with you. DBSP is a full scale radio advertising company that creates all aspects of the pieces in house. If requested, some of the material and work can be outsourced, but for the most part all work is done by Daniel.

In-house advertising is basically the same as commercial advertising. There is no limit as to what this service can provide. DB Studios and Productions can create a full length commercial sweep (music and advertising mixed on same compact disc) that you can play on continuous loop over your business's sound system. Again, this is a vague description of everything that can be done, so feel free to contact DBSP with any specific inquiries.

Special services for audio productions is also available. Dubbing old audio recordings into computers and digitally enhancing them is one of these services. If you have important material on old medium's that are no longer of popularity, DB Studios and Productions can import these into a computer and digitally enchance (fix alot of the sound glitches), then export those to a more current medium. Of course, this service is limited under the copyright protection act.

Since every audio production differs, the prices do also. Every situation is treated differently, but all are priced reasonably. For an exact quote delivered to you within twenty-four hours, please feel free to speak with Daniel via any form listed on the Contact Us page. As with DB Studios and Productions mobile entertainment, DBSP guarantee's to beat any competitor's price on audio production. That is a promise.

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