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Equipment of DB Studios & Productions

  • Speaker Enclosures:
    • Sub-Woofers: Two Peavey SP218X's (Dual 18")
    • Mid-Ranges: Two Peavey SP2X's (15" Mid's and SP2X Driver Horn)
  • Electronics Rack:
    • Amplifiers: Two Peavey PV2600's (2600 Watt Power Amplifiers)
    • Bass Engine: One Behringer UltraBass Pro (BBE and Cross-Over)
    • Compressor: One Behringer SuperX Limiter (Signal Processor, Compressor/Limiter)
    • Equalizer: One Peavey QF215 (Dual 15 Channel Equalizer)
  • Table Top Equipment:
    • CD Deck: One Denon DN2100F (Digital Mix Dual CD Player)
    • Mixer: One Behringer DX1000 (8 Channel Professional Sound Board)
    • Computer: AMD 2600+, 1 GB PC2700 RAM, Dual 200 GB Hard drives. Runs Visiosonic's PCDJ Digital Mixing system.
    • Monitor: 19" Flat-Screen
  • Lighting:
    • Light Rig: One eight foot wide light rack
    • Lights: Various Style Lighting Displays
    • Strobe Lights
  • Optional:
    • Fog Machine
    • Bubble Machine
    • Intelli-Lighting System (Laser Lights)
    • Mixing turntables
    • Tape Players
    • Any equipment not listed here, be sure to ask.

This is only a list of equipment used during mobile entertainment. Audio productions uses some of the same equipment. Digital production involves integrating all equipment with the computer system listed above. Special software on this computer is where all the magic in the digital production happens.

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